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Anthony Kerstens

1. Mapping a ControlLogix tag to PLC5/SLC
How does a multidimension array tag get mapped?

2. Timer/Counter array presets cleared when tag dimension modified? Is there a work-around to this? Possible bug fix in future versions??

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
Where I am contracting (one of the big tree), all the timer and counter presets are set by ladder logic. Just before the counter, on the
same rung, is a MOV instruction that puts a constant value into the preset.

It pisses of maintenance to no end, but it works!

Lawrence Ortner

I may be able to help with the first question, but not the second. The RSLogix 5000 tag database displays the array elements as they
actually lie in memory, and so that is precisely how they will be transfered to a SLC or PLC through a MSG instruction.