ControlLogix Communication through Serial Port via MODEM


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Jeya Kumar

Hi! everybody,

I would like to know the communication module and protocol to be used for connecting Allen Bradley PLC ControlLogix through serial port and leased line MODEM to send data to Remote HMI unit.

Could you anyone please help me?

Jeya Kumar

Eduardo Manuel C. Cipriano


You can use the Prosoft Module for Radio/Leased line connection via modem they have a full range of product that could help you also they are made for Allen Bradley because they are one of the Emcompas Partner of Rockwell Automation.

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Michel Levesque, eng.

Besides the obvious Data-Linc and Prosoft options, you could also look at Black box modems for leased lines. they essentially act as a pass-thru so your HMI would need RSLinx or equivalent driver to talk to a CLX.