ControlLogix DHRIO KF2 Communication


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Jigar Shah

I'm connecting 2 ControlLogix processor with DHRIO in IO chassis to KF2. This KF2 is connected via MOdem and wireless system to another site where same hardware has been connected. While I give MSG instruction the result is EXT ERR 203 which means Time Out and the description if ERROR PROCESSING CONNECTION RELATED SERVICES.

I have tried with two types of routine tables. First is to make one DH+ bridge with node No os DHRIO channel itself and list all the link IDs of other side. In Second type of Routing Table I created DH+ bridge basedon the Node Address of KF2 and put all the Link IDs of other side under it.....

Despite of all this I m not able to communicate between two CLX systems.
Note : KF2 LEDs are blinking normal. This being an revamp of old system, the old system used same KF2 and wireless system to communicate between two PLC5/15.

Any urgent insight on this will help me complete the project.

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Jigar Shah

Michael E. Crossman

Just a thought, why not try communicating from channel zero (RS-232 port on the ControlLogix processor) to channel zero on the other processor? You are converting to RS-232 when going through the KF2 anyways. This will eliminate an unnecessary step.

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Michael E. Crossman
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