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Kenneth R. Wilkes

I am wondering if anyone has had success with this platform controlling 8
separate high speed position moves at 500 times per min. We are having
trouble maintaining registration control on a high speed packaging machine.
We had success with SLK 500 and 1394 GMC Turbo digital motion controllers.
Thanks Ken Wilkes
If you want precise positioning control on AB, I suggest you stay with their GMC controller. As we test on Controllogix 5550 with servo module MO2AE (only provide 2 axes capability) not really satisfied the performance. For 8 axes control, the loop feedback speed need to put into consideration. For registration motion control, most of motion vendors all have successful experience on multiple axes control. Unfortunately, as I know, AB is not good at motion at all. (they have tried very hard to improve on MO8SE servo module and Controllogix functionalities recently, better check with AB for updating)

Alex Ruderman

Did you hear about digital motion controllers from Mega_F ( ?

These new market players deliver motion controllers that feature:
- small - credit card - PCB size;
- 32 axes control performance equal to that of 8 axes control of competition;
- interface to any kind of servo (power) amplifier.

You can discuss your application with their Engineering Manager Max Sakhartov directly - [email protected] .

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John Meachum

We are measuring scan rates on multi-axis high speed applications from 30 to 100 ms. Anything above 2-4 axis is a problem. As you task it - performance declines. We have yet to find a vendor to outperform the Indramat solution.

Davis Gentry

Our default update rate at up to 32 axes of coordinated control is 442 microseconds. That update rate can get significantly higher for less complex
systems. I know of at least one Controllogix system which was replaced by our controller after six months of trying to make it work - it had been sold into an
application for which it was severely over tasked. A six axis pick and place machine.

Davis Gentry
Applications Engineer
Delta Tau Data Systems

Wan Chon Kong

Try Beckhoff Lightbus motion control product running on TwinCAT.
We have just completed a machine with 3 seperate high speed position
at 900 times per min (using Camming action) less than 2ms.
They have an office in Minneapolis.