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Dear Srs:

Our company are implementing a project using ControlNet but Ethernet seems to be more open , i want to know if some of you had any experiences using this two networks at the control level and which is the best for control applications ?


Pedro M. Carri

Greg Goodman

Sr. Carri,

You may already have reviewed this site in your research, but I thought I would direct your attention to
They have a PDF document that describes the pro's and con's of Industrial Ethernet and 8 other fieldbus technologies. They do not pick a 'winner'; they just provide a comparison.

The ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendor Association) is also involved in Ethernet for industrial automation; they're developing EtherNet/IP, a
specific, proprietary Ethernet-based protocol. (They'll let you look at the spec for free, but you have to pay for the right to use it). Their
website has a paper entitled "EtherNet/IP Developer Recommendations" ( which includes a chapter on "the applicability of Ethernet and TCP/IP for
industrial control". This chapter is not specific to Ethernet/IP, but addresses issues of Ethernet in industrial control.

None of this necessarily presents a clear case for either of your possible choices, but it's all interesting reading.

Good luck,

Greg Goodman
Chiron Consulting