ControlNet to Notebook Computer


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Hugo Ahrens

Did anybody else get led down the path of purchasing a PCC card for
interfacing a notebook computer to ControlLogix? (And then find that you
can not connect to the ControlNet coax cable in any way?). This means you
can only be about six feet removed from the nearest CNB module in a rack.
Has anybody tried to extend the RJ45 connector cable? With what results -
and how far?


Darryl L. Palmer

Well according to the ControlNet Specs the NAP (Network Access Port) can
have a shielded RJ45 cable out to about 10 meters. Being that it is using
differential RS-422 it should not be a problem to extend it.

Darryl Palmer
Cleveland State University
Thank you for the comment, I'm heading back to the project the next day or
so and we will see just how far we can stretch that NAP cable.