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Steve Dymmott

Does anyone have any experience in converting a ControlView system to an Intouch system.

I have an existing ControlView (50 graphic pages, 2500 tags) that I have to convert to an Intouch application.

Any link, utilities, tips etc would be appreciated.

Steve Dymmott
I have done several.

The database conversion is fairly straight forward (couple of hours using Excel) unless they used structured tags - then it can be a little more work. Even RSView will not convert direct if structured tags were used.

The graphics would need to be redone.

Contact me if you need any help.
I haven't done it with these programs, but instead of recreating, you might be able to capture the screens with a graphics program and
then import them into InTouch. Of course you'll have to recreate buttons and such, but the other graphics will be there.

Brady Matherne

Shombie Hauspie


If you're looking for the most expedient conversion with the least effort, why not use RSView32? ControlView projects import into RSView32 projects automatically. It's not 100% conversion (about 95% converts – everything except for structured tags. How many structured tags were used in that original ControlView projects years ago anyways?), but it’ll save you hours and hours over converting to InTouch... and you won’t have to recreate all your screens, write scripts, etc. Additionally, you’ll have the power of Microsoft’s newest technologies, not the old stuff that Wonderware has retired on. Let me know if you have any further questions. What ever you chose to do, good luck!

Shombie Hauspie