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DTM (Dan McGrath)

Can anyone tell me how to run Allen Bradley Controlview (for Dos) under NT4.0? I saw a tip on how to run under Windows 95 but doesnt seem to work under NT..

Dan McGrath

Larry Lawver


ControlView ran its own operating system, displacing DOS, and represented the state of the art ten years ago. Move on. Upgrade.

If you want to maintain your classic DOS system, then just keep your existing CV application running. If you want to upgrade to a modern
operating system, then please try to understand that CV is totally incompatible with operating systems that did not exist when it was sold to
you. You can't move the baseline without upgrading. If you don't want to upgrade, then just keep what you have!

I have probably been the harshest critic of ControlView that ever flamed an online list, but the product worked well for users that could live with its limitations. Migration paths for users wanting to upgrade have been available for five years now. You can easily migrate your CV application to RSView32 if you want to upgrade your ENTIRE system, but it is not reasonable to upgrade the foundation and keep a primitive application unchanged.

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida