ControlWave Micro Modbus bad data?

Hi guys, I have two controlwave micro RTUs setup one as Master and the other as Slave. The slave is the one sending the Handoff Data to the Master.
I'm using a custom function block to setup the modbus communication for the handoff. I have a Radio in between these two RTUs being connected to the RS232 port on both ends.

I had the same exact setup at a different location, the only difference that other location doesnt have a radio in between and its just straight hardwired to the rs232 comm ports.

This setup with the radio I'm completely at a loss. When i pull up the List of data that i should be getting the data is constantly changing. For example I'm calling for 20 registers. I'm sending 32bit floating point data. for some reason the data in the registers is changing every cycle.

I dont understand, why is it changing? i shouldnt matter how fast or slow i poll the rtu i should get the same data if same data is being sent. Could it be that the radio is somehow messing up the data being sent by the Slave RTU?

Thank you,
Why do you expect static or fixed data? Why should any poll provide "the same data"? Have you configured static registers somehow in the RTU's so that the data never changes?

Can you give examples of how the data is changed? What value do you expect? What value are you getting? Are all 20 values changing the same amount/amplitude? Is the magnitude of change noise or accuracy related or off-by-orders-of-magnitude ?

Are the radios modems only, meaning, whatever data goes in comes out on the other end of the radio link?

What type of transaction is happening? Is the master RTU is writing data to the slave RTU? If so, then how do you "call for 20 registers", where 'call' infers a read operation?

How are you determining that the value the slave receives is incorrect? Does the slave RTU display the contents of the registers? Are you reading the slave RTU with another piece of software?