Conversion from IEC 60870-5-103 To Modbus


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Amr Gamal

I have MICOM P127 relay with part number P127AA0Z312FA0. It is supported IEC 60870-5-103 protocol only. I try to convert IEC 60870-5-103 protocol to Modbus TCP/IP. Can you tell me the difference between IEC 60870-5-103 and Modbus TCP/IP?

Depending on who is master and who is slave there are some commercial protocol converters avaiable.

Try searching for
gateway protocol converter IEC 60870-5-103 and Modbus TCP
Dear Amr Gamal,

you can use IndigoSCADA as protocol converter. IndigoSCADA has an IEC 60870-5-103 master connected to a Modbus TCP/IP server.