Convert a Mark V Component for Use in ControlST Applications

I managed to configure a Mark V controller into ToolboxST application using the Mark V feature in the WorkstationST component editor. Everything went okay, and i finished the operation by adding the Mark V maintenance tools( logic forcing, dynamic rungs display...etc) using the "REBUILD START MENU" option. My only problem is when trying to use the "demand display" tool, add a point name (example JADJ) and devise a command, which works normally in a MARK V TCI platform, I get the error message "invalid point name command".

Does any one have a idea of this issue?

thanks in advance.
<b>Posted by <i>Isulamu</i></b>

> "demand display"...(example JADJ)...command

Here is an example of a demand display command. The point name must be preceded by the HMI name, in this case "T4:".

This command will only work for the T4 unit, which works for us because each unit is a server, and the demand displays were written individually at each unit. If you are trying to use a control room server for multiple units, you will need a separate demand display screen for each unit.

JADJ is a special signal, in that you will need to know the "address" of the device that you are trying to stroke. In this example it is the IBH valve whose "address" is 40.

Oddly enough, demand display screens containing commands which were migrated from Mark V still work as they did before without the "T4:" in front of the point name. It is only necessary when creating a new screen with command buttons.
Thank you very much indeed my friend, after just adding "T1:" everything worked like charm.

I have another enquiry, as I am to be involving with this kind of installation in the near future. Can you please explain how the interface has been made between the upgraded HMI and the Communication CORE in your site?