Convert AEG A250 to Step7


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Is there any software available that converts a plc-programm of an AEG Modicon A250 to a Siemens S7?

I need a converting of the AKF25-programm to Step7 including translation of code, signals, data structures and system-function-blocks (SFB). Also a converting of A350, A130-programmes could be necessary.

Alternative would be a converting to Codesys instead of Step7.

Any ideas? Thanks for help!

Gabriele Corrieri


there isn't an automatic converter from anything to anything else, keep in mind.

Siemens during migration from S5 to S7 has provide a conversion tool: for ladder logic it convert great plain ladder logic, the other logic is very poor.

My suggestion? Have you time to spent in conversion and make the logic better than now? Ok do it by yourself, otherwise ask for a consultant that is expertise of both these different plc a complete service of conversion and commissioning of new plc (I hope inside in a new one control box ...)

My two cents,

Gabriele Corrieri