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I've got an old APS software (Advenced Programming Software, an older version of RSLogix500), and I must to convert the new *.rss files to *.ach files!
Have you got any instructions for this operation(software and ideas)?

Thank you!

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from Hungary.

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Eddie Willers

If your processor type is supported by the old APS software (it was discontinued several years ago, and new SLC processor models have been
developed since) then you can use RSLogix 500 to "Save As" the old *.ACH format, as well as Exporting the documentation database as APS format.

If you don't have RSLogix 500, and the person who wrote the programs won't perform this operation for you, see if you can get an A-B office or dealer to do the conversion for you. You'll probably find a sympathetic ear at "": .

If the controller you have isn't supported by APS, you are out of luck.
In RSLogix 500...

File...Save As
Pull down 'Save As Type' box...
Select '*.ACH'

Make sure 'Export database' checkbox is selected
and filetype is A.P.S.



This is only possible under limited circumstances. Email your APS project
files to me offlist, and I'll convert them if it is possible.

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida

Bob Peterson

APS is an obsolete piece of software which has no ties at all to RSLogix500.

It is possible to save your RSS file from RSLogix into the .ach format. However, there is no guarantee that the processor is supported by APS.

There is no way to import an RSS file into APS.

Best to bite the bullet and buy RSLogix 500.

Bob Peterson

We wanted to open the .RSS files with my Hungarian AB programmer friend (with RSLiogix500 in Win XP platform).
The program displayed the next message, when we opened the files:
"Problem decompressing file for restoration"
Then the files couldn't open RSLogix500!

Did you see that message?
What is your suggestion in this case?

Thank you!
Thanks for the helps!
I spoke with a SLC programmer person in Hungary, and I think, we can solve that problem.
If we can't, then I will write again!

Thank you very much!
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Bradley G. Hite

Hello Istvan,

In the RSLogix500 software choose File, Save As. In the Save As dialog box you should have an option to Export the file as A.I. and APS.

Let me know if you have additional questions.

Bradley G. Hite
Intertech Inc.
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