Convert IP65 instrument to comply with IP-66


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Rick O.

Control Valve Positioner enclosure is rated for IP-65. What does it take to make this positioner suitable for IP-66? Would putting the positioner in another enclosure (rated for IP-66) work? This will not be practical becaused of the added cost. Any recommendation welcome! Thanks!

Hakan Ozevin

The IP (Ingress protection) figure is normally rated for a standart product, or if it is not standart, it should be tested. However, for your case such a test is too far costly than enclosing it with a standart IP66 casing.
You can make additions for resistance to liquids by yourself, but it does not *prove* that the product is IP66 unless it is tested. However, the proof of IP degree is the only important point.
Therefore I believe that unfortunately there is not a short-cut solution for your case.

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Hakan Ozevin
The first digit refers to ingress of dust/dirt; the second digit refers to ingress of liquid:-

IP6[x]--Complete protection against entry of dust

IP[x]5--Protection against a low pressure jet of water from all practicable directions
IP[x]6--Protection against heavy seas or a strong jet of water from all practicable directions

Where are the valve actuators being used?
Is there a possibility of high pressure jetting directly into the actuator?
Who has specified IP66 instead of IP65?