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Albert Nerwin

Hi..... List.
I use Concept 2.1 programming from Quantum Modicon PLC. I have problem how to convert the PLC program from Ladder Logic 984 to Function Block Diagram (FBD)

Albert N
Depending on how large your LL984 program is, you should be able to create Derived Function Blocks that contain the LL984 Section. If you are unfamiliar with this, I would recommend you
contact your local Distributor or review Modicon's web site at
Albert there is several issues needed to be addressed. How big is the existing 984 LL program? does the existing 984LL work the way you want it to? are you planning on making changes to new program? I would be willing to talk to you about this conversion.

My Name is Rich Weekly, I am a Modicon Application Engineer and Instructor for 984 and Concept languages. let me know if I can help (402) 331-3312.

Albert Nerwin

Thanks for your reply.
My existing program 1.18 MB.The original program under 984LL. That's working properly. My plan to convert from 984LL program to FBD. Because I am not expert using 984LL.


Albert Nerwin

I am using PLC Modicon TSX Quantum 140 CPU 113 03. And 1 drop. Networking Module : Remote I/O (RIO) 140 CRP 931 00
If you do not have too many networks with any special function blocks this could be a long process. If most your networks are straight Ladder ( NO,NC contacts and coils ) I would suggest doing a rewrite line for line in IEC ladder. The 984 ladder language can not be loaded into a Concept function block. There is some 984
Functions in the IEC ladder language.