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I need a converter that can convert RS232/485 or HART or Profibus DP to Profibus PA. Our customer has a Profibus PA loop and we want to connect our 24 x stand alone units (quite far apart) into this loop. Our units can communicate via RS232/485, HART or Profibus DP.

Peter Hasler

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There is a Profibus-DP to PA converter module available from siemens. You will also need a DP-Link module. The DP-Link module basically reduces the speed of the profibus network to 45.45bps after the link module, if you have no other DP
slaves on the bus at a higher baud rate, simply reduce the speed of the DP master to 45.45(31.25) bps and plug in the PA network. I have done this both ways, using the Link module and reducing the baud rate of the master and have
had no problems on similar sized (+30 PA instruments) installations. Need more advice or Siemens part numbers email me at [email protected]


Peter Hasler
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It sounds like a DP to PA coupler will work. Talk to your local Siemens Rep. or distributor. Part number is 6ES71570AC800XA0 -list price is
around $905.00 U.S. I hope this helps.