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Angel Sanchez

I need to communicate two networks, the one with INTERBUS-S and other with PROFIBUS DP, for which I need a converter protocols, where I can find hadware and software to make this application ?, or Is there some different alternative to make this work?

Raymond van der Tas

Both INTERBUS-S and PROFIBUS DP networks can expose the data through OPC Servers.

The Interbus OPC Server (including PC interface card) can be obtained from Phoenix Contact.
The PROFIBUS DP OPC Server (including PC interface card)can be obtained from companies such as Hilscher, Softing, Trebing&Himstedt, Siemens,...

The missing link to data bridge the two (or more) OPC Servers is the ICONICS DataWorX32 module.


Rob Hulsebos

I assume that you have two networks, each with their own network master? In case you only need to transfer a few bits of information: buy an Interbus digital I/O block, buy a DP digital I/O block, and connect the outputs of the first to the inputs of the second (and vice-versa).

This is probably the easiest and also cheapest solution. (within its limitations, of course).