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Dal Badial

Hi All,

Can one suggest or help in how i could convert a 50ohm output from a frequency generator to RS422 or RS423. All help will be appreicated and thanks in advance !

Dal Badial
Senior Satcom Engineer.

Johan Bengtsson

What do you want to do with it?

Do you want to measure the voltage from the frequency generator and feed it as an analog input to something?

Do you want to measure the frequency and feed it as an analog input?

Just feeding the output signal to the RS422 or RS423 wire would be quite easy but completely useless.

If the above don't have anything to do with what you intended to ask then I compleley missunderstood the question, sorry.

/Johan Bengtsson

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There are baluns [impedance matching device]
you can buy. The ones I know for sure exist are the ones that take 50 Ohm coax connector and the other end has RJ-45. I used these with a network analyzer to characterize frequency response. I think Agilent makes them but you can probably find them at test equipment suppliers or distributors.