converting from Sattcon plc to Siemens/ Telemecanique/ omron

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Bjarne T. Mortensen

Does anyone knows a method to convert a plc-program from a sattcon plc to either a Telemecanique or Siemens/Omron plc.
I would be very happy to hear from you, because I have to go to Greenland to chance an exiting Plc/program to a newer and more complicated


What kind of sattcon equipment are you talking about (sattcon 5/15/35/200) ?
Also, do you know what software has been used (DOX5 or DOX10 or no software).

In general sattcon PLCs are programmed using ladder diagrams or list program.

I don't know in detail how your sattcom is programmed and what are the characteristics of your program and equipement. It is important to know ...

In general the programing sofware of Schneider Electric PLCs allows to import ASCII programs, so if your sattcon PLC program has been written in a supported language, you could try to import it ...

You can find more details in these sections :

Nano PLC : "":

Micro PLC : "":

Premium PLC : "":

On this last one (Premium PLC) you can learn in detail about the PLC and the software using the self training module ( "": ) or even download a
demo version of the programming software
( "": )

I hope it helps. If you give me more of your personal contact information (email, country ill be enough), I can try to link you to the Schneider Electric local support organization, I'm sure some of them will know the abb PLCs to
some extent.::

Jean-Marie Berger
[email protected]
Easiest way is to go through ABB-StepUp program for old Sattcon systems. The program contains new CPU-hardware "AC250", RACN-modules for reuse of rack-I/O and Conversion tools for Sattcon Software --> ABB ControlBuilder. In this way you could get full access to ABB IndustrialIT architecture..

Regards // magnus h