Converting from Sattcon to Siemens

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Dear Sir,

I will explain my problem in detail and plz let us know to whom I will contact for further proceeding.

We have one UHT milk line came from South Africa. The PLC equipped with it is Sattcon. Now it obsolete model and no spares are available. So there are two methods, either we rewrite whole program in S7 Siemens PLC or as per your internet info regard soft converter of Sattcon to Siemens. In this way we just need Siemens hardware only.

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Marc Sinclair


Either way, depending on the size of the installation, it could be a big project. But as you are going to have to rebuild the equipment, why not use the opportunity to rewrite the program. Converted software usually needs 'tweaking' to get working, so not an unskilled task, and you could be missing out on all the new features available with modern plcs.

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Marc Sinclair