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I would really appreciate it if anyone here could recommend a software that converts Siemens S5 programs to S7. I found that the one built-in in the existing Simatic S7 is merely a gimmick!! What I am looking for is a perfect kinda software which can converts those files (S5) to S7 within a button-click (if possible)!!!

Marc Sinclair

Why miss an excellent opportunity to upgrade the machine program, and utilise the extra capability of the s7?
If the program is simple switch-button-lamp then the built in conversion is sufficient, if the program is very complex or poorly written then it just fails, but then the program needs re-writing anyway. Sit down, music on, bite bullet, start coding :)

marc sinclair

Hisham el-beltagy

you can use a perfect tool for the conversion by using simatic step7 S5 to S7 program, which come in the package of step 7 professional 5.1.

ps: you will find also the conversion (already used) from TI 405, TI 505 PLCs.

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Converting software from one operating system and instruction set to another is never easy. Further you have to take in to account the introduction of IEC1131 conventions since S5 was launched which are now adopted in S7. The Siemens' converter isn't perfect by a long chalk, but I think you also need to adjust your expectations. For some people who believe their code works perfectly in an S5 and simply want it converted exactly to an S7, they have to understand that the only reason it works 'perfectly' is because it's in an S5. You can't just take the same code and plug it in to a completely different system (CPU, I/O, comms etc) and expect equally 'perfect' operation.

Donald Pittendrigh

The tool is anything but perfect, in fact for anything other than the most basic ladder logic it is a total POS. You cannot get a tool which converts S5 to S7, there is a totally different style of programming in S7 and if you don't take advantage of it, why bother upgrading.

Donald Pittendrigh