Converting Vijeo Look App into Vijeo Designer for XBT -G series


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Rohit Mittal

Can we convert an application developed in the VIJEO LOOK 2.5 (SCADA) into the Vijeo Designer application or the software used for the XBT-G display? If possible then please guide me to do the same.
VIJEO LOOK 2.5 and Vijeo-Designer have different usages. Vijeo-Look is a SCADA running on PC (iPC) where Vijeo-Designer is a graphical Operator Terminal.

Vijeo-Look have features dedicated to scada application that Vijeo-designer do not support directly. Thus the Vijeo-Look application need to be reworked to be usable on Vijeo-Designer. It do not exist today a way to convert a Vijeo-Look application to a Vijeo-Designer one.

If you need some help or some support, please contact Versaltec at [email protected]. We can help you to get success with Vijeo-Designer.