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Clark Southoff

We have to build a motion control system for a scanning system. I must prove and test in Canada ( 110 VAC- 60 Hz then ship to a country with
a different electrical system 205 VAC-50 Hz

The motion control is fairly tight 25.4 mm per second with variable to 8mm per second.
This is speed is monitored by a optical encoder. The load on the conveyor is 100 Kg total.
With a 300 to 1 gear reduction.
I have looked at many speed controls for AC motors but I have not found one that can be used for both electrical systems.
I am entertaining the use of a DC motor and controller, with a "universal" linear power supply with settings from 110 VAC to 205 VAC.
The out-of country application will not have the services of a technician, so the change over must be simple.

Does anyone have suggestions?

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Clark Southoff
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Why don't you rent a generator. I'm pretty sure you can adjust the frequency output of the generator. I know you can set the voltage within a set range.
I thint that the frequency converter would be ok. If you can not find the ferquence converter for those wide woltage range then put transformer before freq.converter.

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I used to work for a custom machine builder that would get some crazy jobs for foreign countries. We would just rent a generator for the system test. I hope that you have enough in the budget for this. Most new VFD’s today can be set up for any incoming voltage/frequency. I would stick with A/C if this equipment is going to a remote area, as the customer will have less maintenance. Siemens Master drives are inexpensive and have good international support.

Good luck with customs paperwork!

Michael Griffin

If you are using an AC drive, you could feed it with a transformer for test purposes to get the correct (same as your customer) supply voltage. The frequency shouldn't be a problem as long as the drive accepts both 50 and 60 Hz. This is commonly done with equipment which is built in Canada for export.


Michael Griffin
London, Ont. Canada
We have just built a system for the USA - we rented a genie. The plus side of this is you can set your timing and speeds before dispatch, so there is no need to do this on site