Cooling & Sealing Air System


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how are you doing all of you?

I'm reading this days about GT Systems of GE. I've got a copy of MS6001B GT Systems, and I'm helping my self with some files I've got from a friend for another MS6001B.

I wanna ask some Questions and i hope you'll be patient with me and thanks in advance .

1- first, are the systems same for all GE turbines? i mean for frame 6, 7,and 9. May I take the systems I've read like a reference for all GE GTs?

2- For cooling and sealing air system, does the air go from Discharge Compressor to 1st nozzle ring and then to 2nd nozzle and 3rd nozzle or he stops in 2nd nozzle only then he goes through the segmet's holes. Is the system the same for all GE GT? does the nozzles be cooled on ms6001B?