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Peter Mueller


in industrial process control applications OPC (OLE for Process Control) is more or less the standard for MS operating system. If one wants to
use Linux or other OSs there is a lack of a standard interface to process control systems (e.g. to a fieldbus server). The idea is to have
something similar but based on CORBA (Corba for process control). Corba is open and platform independent!

My question:
- Is something already out there?
- I have written a Corba IDL file out of the OPC spec (only parts now).
Is there someboy who knows both OPC and CORBA and is willing to support me (e.g. review ...)?
- Any other comments, ideas ...


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Hi Peter,

I believe that OMG has already defined a service for industrial automation. To be honest, I have never read it, so I don't know if it specifies only the interface or if it specifies a service too.

Have a look at the omg web site. Their specs are all public domain, except those that are being worked on. Their site is a bit difficult to
navigate, so if you can't find it, I'll try finding it for you.

I know a little CORBA, but very little of OPC.


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Curt Wuollet

Resisting the urge to pontificate on office technology in process control, I think I would look at some of the (lightweight?) stuff they are using for Gnome and KDE or KDE and Gnome if you prefer. Not so much for the code, but for the direction and why they are doing what they are. These are the rising stars in the cross platform world and are quickly rendering much of the earlier work as irrelevent as cross platform tools that work with only one platform :^) I'll bet that if there ever is a real de facto standard, it will need to work with these millions of desktops and growing.

Just my semi-objective viewpoint.


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