Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Does Not Stop Counting.


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I'm having a problem with an instrument (coriolis) of Endress + Hausser. Model PROMASS 80.

I preliminary checked the coriolis using water, verifying the accuracy of the instrument by weighing the water that has flown through it and comparing it with the coriolis itself. It was ok.

After using it on the process, production area told me that the coriolis kept measuring mass flow. The valves are closed, have no pressure; it is used to measure a liquid material. The EPD parameter (EMPTY PIPE DETECTION) is activated and the density of the material inside the low and high ranges of density.
It has a two valves, one in the inlet and other in the outlet.

I have no material inside the instrument but it shows a mass flow about 15kg/min. I can increase the low cut off value but that shouldn't be necessary.

What can be the source of that effect?

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