Coriolis Mass Flowmeter High temperature


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The background is as follows.

The bottom most fraction of the distillation unit in our refinery had a Micromotion DT 150H mass flow meter that stopped functioning.
Emerson stopped manufacturing this flow meter.

I am not able to find any vendor who can supply a coriolis mass flow meter for 420 Deg C.

Process data

Flow range (800-16000) kg/hr
pressure: 3,5 bar-g
Density: 785 kg/m3
Temp: 360 (flowing) Design (420) in Deg C
Viscosity: 5 Centi Stokes

The problems with using other type of flow meters

Vortex and DP - since this is lower fraction, the viscosity is too high which creates low reynolds number for lower flows in vortex Straight pipe length is problem for DP.

Piping cannot be adjusted. We would really like to replace it with a coriolis mass flow meter as we have other problems with operations. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.