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Claudio Mussoni

I' m looking for manual and software for a Coros OP5-A1 Panel.

Where can I find informations about it ?

Thank's a lot.
Claudio Mussoni

Daniel Chartier


Michael Griffin

If this is the original OP5, then you would use Siemens Comtext software to program it. This software is obsolete and no longer supported, so you will need to contact your local Siemens rep to get a copy. Since it is unsupported, you may wish to ask if it is free.
The later versions of the OP5 used Protool, but the original ones (which I believe are the most common) required Comtext. Protool is NOT an upgrade to Comtext. These are completely incompatable products which program different
hardware (which happens to look the same). You still need to use Comtext to support older hardware. This requires a DOS compatable operating system on your PC (including DOS mode in WIndows 95/98).

You should be able to download the hardware manuals from Siemens' web site. The OP5 manual will be part of the OP15 manual. I don't believe that the Comtext software manual was ever available except as a printed copy.

I have done quite a bit of work with the OP5 and OP15 (which is similar but larger). If you have any further questions, I can try to answer them via this list.

Michael Griffin
London, Ont. Canada

Hakan Ozevin

An addition:
OP7 is successor of OP5. An OP5 program can be converted to OP7 using Protool. That is, you can replace OP5 with OP7 if necessary.