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I am in the design department of Electrical, C&I for FBC and HRSG Boilers. We are in the process of finding out the cost effective solution for Boiler instrumentation. One of the suggestion is use of multivariable transmitters for DP, Pressure and Temperature measurement. Anybody is having experience with this type of single transmitter for DP, Pressure and Temperature measurement?

Any other cost effective ideas from experts?

Thanks in advance.

Using multi-variable xmtrs is definitely a good way to cut costs. It is also a great way to directly improve your measurements as the xmtr compensates for pressure and temperature changes on the fly and will dynamically calculate your mass flow. It is an easy retro-fit across an existing o-plate or any other primary element for that matter. If you have a look on Rosemounts web page, you will find out more details, as well as calculators to help determine savings using this type of device.

You also have the capablility of stripping out the PV's via a Hart Tri-loop which will give you the DP, P & T as separate 4-20's if desired...

Hope this helps!

The most common type of multivariable transmitter available from many vendors is a three-in-one DP+Pressure+Temperature is a kind of flow transmitter. It measures flow in point and is an alternative to other flow
measurement principles. Most importantly, it is easier to install than three individual DP, Pressure, and Temperature transmitters.

However, I just want to make sure you don't think that you can use a DP+Pressure+Temperature transmitter to measure DP in one place and pressure in another.

Another example of a multivariable transmitter is the density+process temperature. We (SMAR) make such a beast called DT301:

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