Creating a Totalizer using Modicon Telemecanique PL7


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I have a 4-20ma Signal coming into the PLC that is continually measuring the weight of product on a conveyor belt.
I need to totalize the weight of the signal every 1 min and reset it every 24 hours at 8.00am
Can this be achived and if so how can you program the PLC to undertake this activity
Basically I am trying to work out how much product is produced in one day

Any help or example logic would be appreciated

The model of the PLC is TSX 57202
First, you must design the integrator algorithm. Be careful with timebase (in case you make it step by step) because PLC has a delay of milisecs depending on its scan. You must add the scan time on the integrator.

Second. PLC realtime clock must be updated (if you can every hour) because of the same reason.

Third. You can archive the data, of course into a PC extracting data from PLC.

I did an application very similar to that, but archiving data for 100 variables.

Good look with that.
You can solve it with the RTC block to know 8 hours morning. %S7 I not sure, may be %S5 for a pulse trend of 1 minute periode. And a operate bloc whith %DM100:=%DM100+%IW02.1 (%IW02.1 the analog input for instance).

Sorry for my not correct english.

Jordi Breu

You may conveniently utilize the Totalizer Function Block. The idea here is to sum up the present value at given intervals. Be careful to calculate the final value to represent the mass per time (kg/hr)

For a prior discussion about the topic, please search the "Programming a Totalizer Function" in the archieve. could help to visualize the application on a complicated project.

Good luck
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