creating new database in wincc sql server and access data


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we are using Win-cc V7.0 . in this we want create our own database which contains the data of plc and entries. Which we want to store and retrive based on the requirement. And report generation also.

Anybody use same type is yes pls let us know how to create the database file in existing wicc sql database

Hi, I am not to sure what you are trying to do. It is possible to use WinCC vba to access the SQL database create your tables, read write data etc. Also have you considered using user archives these are very flexable. If you require examples or help you will need to be more specific.

Dear Kevin,

We are trying to create an new database/table in the existing win-cc run-time database. In which we want to store our customized data and retrieve back to whenever require to see.

to do this legally you need to buy the WinCC connectivity pack. The main problem as you are probably aware is that the runtime is created at runtime and the database name can change. Any how it is possible to determine the name of the database. I am unsure how WinCC will react if you then add a table to this and you would have to check and create it each time runtime is started. I think it would be best to create your own DB (maybe using the same naming convention as WinCC), this would overcome any potential problems with WinCC. The DB could still be stored in side the project file if you are thinking about problems backing up the project.