Creating Passwords in Vijeo Designer Lite


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I am learning to use Vijeo Designer Lite. I'd like to know, if someone has any knowledge about this software, how do you use passwords to access such and such screen (panel)?

I'm working with an operator console Telemecanique Magelis XBT R-410

Here's what I want to do:
From a main screen called Menu,
links to:
-> Screen 2
-> Screen 3 *
-> Screen 4 *

Knowing that the screen 2 is accessible to anyone, but screens 3 and 4 mustn't be reachable without password.

Currently, one solution I have found is to use a function key on the console (e.g. F12) to call the system screen where is located the password function.

It works and it allows to set the password just one time, then continue to work with all the rights you need.

But is there a way to ask for password only by pressing one of the links which lead to screen 3 or 4? Actually, I'd like to have this working:

Press link to screen 3 (or 4)
Set password
Being redirected to the corresponding screen

Do you have any idea....?

Thanks for your answers.