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Luca Gallina


I'm getting tired (like many of you, I suppose) of trying to run programs created in different informatic ages. I know there are products that can truly emulate different O.S. versions without having to install serveral different O.S. on the same hard disk.

Has anybody ever used or tested the "Virtual PC" by Connectix ? I am interested in this product and I would like to know its real effectiveness when working with PLC or SCADA developing tools.

Any suggestion or comment is welcome

thanks in advance

Luca Gallina
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Gavin MacLean

I run Win2000 and have successfully run Win95 under it using VMWare, in order to run Wintelligent (crusty old Allen Bradley software). It worked well, but I wouldn't try it on a slow machine (mine is PIII 500mHz, 192Mb).

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Alex Pavloff

Virtual PC doesn't emulate OS versions -- all it does is provide a nice easy way for you yourself to install different operatin systems on your machine and run them simulataneously without having to try and set up a multiboot system.

Its a cool app -- and it would come in handy when having to run different versions of your OS, but you'll still have to do a bunch of leg work to get the OSes installed on the hard disk.

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