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Yonca Yesilipek

How can I protect a CRT from EMI effect. The CRT's are located just 7 meters away from 14KA busbar. Are there any equipment for protection?

Curt Wuollet

Mu metal shielding. Your problem is probably magnetic rather than electrostatic. Mu metal should handle the field at 7 meters. Perhaps
even a couple layers of mild steel properly fabricated, (complete magnetic circuit) would do. Shield then degauss.



Eric M. Klintworth

Back when I worked at a primary aluminum plant (with 90kA busbars), we used heavy steel boxes around the monitors, which made an unuseable
monitor just tolerable.

The real answer is TFT monitors. I wouldn't even mess with a CRT.

Eric M. Klintworth, PE
Columbus, Ohio USA
You can use enclosure made of mu metal , this will help , Also enclosure from Rittal can be used , they have a range of EMC enclosures.
Personaaly I feel LCD (TFT) monitors would be the best choice.

Sudheer Murthy

D. C. Pittendrigh

Hi All

Use an LCD monitor such as Philips 105B, they are coming down very nicely in price, a supplier recently had them on offer for R3999 in South Africa, about 500USD

Donald Pittendrigh