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Mr. Klaus Segert

Well, i have two processing plants with old, burned out CRT's and i'am still looking for new LCD/TFT replacement monitors.

a) Yokogawa uXL with Touchscreen
b) VARIAN eHP 500 with Touchscreen

I called Yokogawa and Varian and they said they have a replacement for appr. $USD 9,000

Is there anybody, who knows another - cheaper - solution ?

Ken Emmons Jr.

If you are looking for a relatively cheap LCD touchscreen (< $500) ELO makes good packaged touchscreen monitors with their own touchscreen in it.

If you are not hooking up to a PC that you can install drivers to, you need to make sure that your sytem will support the touchscreen controller drivers. Not knowing what you are interfacing to makes this statement difficult.

If you need an HMI touchscreen, that is a different animal and there are several options such as Maple systems, Beijer, Automation direct, etc. Again, you need the right driver for your hardware or else the HMI is useless.


Juan Pedro Heras

There is a cheap solution for your problem

1) Replace de Xtal of the video board for something Faster; with the original one you ned a 43Hz vertical monitor, reason of dificult replacement.

2) the monitor is feeded by a narrow shaped PCB Board; is enougth to replace two I.C's (I can give you mor details with Photos to show were there are but if you follow the circuit, just replace the two that gives you output R,G,B,H,V by Voltage (tottem pole Output). I think that my be 74LS00 but no shure now

Still will remain a problem! not available small curvature radius CRT's available (as the original ones exists! any more) so or you are a wizar coupling the Touch screen to the CRT, or just to avoid odd looking overall aspect, the best thing is forget the touch screen frame.

If you chose a flat screen monitor, be shure to be good and able to work at Clasic VGA resolution but a 50Hz. Increase the Oscilator Above Mentioned for a factor > (50/43) I never tested and perhaps may not be advisable.

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Klaus Buchmann

Dear Sir,

we are a German manufacter of special monitors like for your problem.

Especially in your case we can offer slow scan LCD / TFT monitors with touch for your application WITHOUT changing any driver are cable - plug and play!

Have a look on our website :

And the price is NOT higher than 3,000 USD!