current measurement in a datacenter


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Ingo Flaschberger

i need a hint how to implement a cheap current measurement for a data-center.

my idea is:
every curcuit is fused by 16A, i want to install a ammeter at every curcuit. i need cheap current-meters which i could read out remotely, something like a fieldbus. the fieldbus should be directly or over a gateway be connected to a linux-box, which should store the data and graph it with something like mrtg. a readout every 5 minutes would be ok.

which ammeters could be used and what fieldbus cards/gateways? and is there support for linux?

thnx!, Ingo

Curt Wuollet

There are very inexpensive multimeters equipped with RS232 ports and these would be instrumentation grade. One concern with these is if they are designed for continuous use. But, they will be far, far, less expensive than anything fieldbus compatible. And dead simple to read from Linux. Try MCM or Jameco or MPJA for the meters. And 232 multiport cards are inexpensive and well supported in Linux. I like Rocketport cards, but the cheap 4 port cards work well also