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Dear All,
I want to know how to convert current from transmitter (4-20mA) to 1-5 Volt as input ADC. and how to convert Voltage to current from DAC to Control Valve.
Its enough using Resistor? or you have efficient and effective idea to convert this.
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TR. Biyanto


Mike Trombley

The best way to convert analog signals is to use a signal conditioner. Red Lion, Wilkerson and Action Instruments are great ones to use. I do this fairly often with AC drive systems and have found using resistiors limits your ablitiy to tune the circuits. Going from 4-20ma loop to a 1-5v signal is easier than 0-10v signal to 4-20ma loop. So if it is for more than test or experiment I would use a signal conditioner.
Good luck
Your set up looks odd. If you had an instrumentation system, it would be matter of appropriate I/O card.
1: 4_20 mA closed across 250 Ohms delivers 1_5 volts.
2: You need a voltage to current the output


Mark Mullins

Current to voltage is easy it just requires a 250 resistor in the 4-20mA loop this gives 20mA = 5V and 4mA = 1V. The input to your ADC goes across the resistor.

Mark Mullins
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michael windberger

Dear Mr. Mullins
I am very interested in an I/U-, U/I-Converter in the area of mV/V and mA . I have searched for your homepage but I haven't found one. Can you tell me where I can find your homepage.

Sincerly Michael Windberger

Try the Action Instruments Ultra SlimPak G408.

It will provide Voltage/current scaling, isolation, noise reduction and signal drive.
It requires a 9-30VDC power supply, seperate from your control signal.

Can convert Voltage or Current to Current or Voltage.

check out

how can i design a voltage to current converter by using operational amplifier to convert from (0-5v) to (4-100mA).