Customized solutions for meters


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Charam vaziri

I work for a company that provides services to utilities in the field of electrical metering.
Within the clients factory for example, we may install electrical meters to control the power consumption of the different precesses.
Typically, the client wants to be able to communicate with these meters and remotely read the energy registers for example. Our meters do communicate, but with a proprietary protocol. The client however is already using another industrial protocol (ModBus) as part of
his already existing PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system which he uses for factory automation. So what we need is basically a box that converts our protocol to ModBus and
integrate it into the factory system.

If you are familiar with such devices, please recommend possible sources for them. Vendors should contact me directly, at
<[email protected]>

Thanks in advance for a prompt reply,
Sharam Vaziri.