Cutler Hammer GPC5 serial port problem


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I buy this compaq laptop and it only came with two usb ports and I need a serial port 232 to comunicate with the plc the plc is a D50, I try some usb to serial cable and it doesn't work. How can I make this conetion from my laptop to the plc

Please note the com port on the D50 is a RS-422 port. Cutler Hammer sells an adapter and cable that changes it to a RS-232 port. I don't know for sure but a High Speed USB to Serial adapter
should complete the comm link.
You cannot use an adapter, the software looks only for the RS232 port on IRQ's normally assigned to the hardware ports. Com1 and Com2 are supported but not com3 or com4. You cannot use a USB or networked printer either for the same reason. The printer driver looks only at LPT1.

This is a DOS program and follows DOS rules. It works for programing in Windows but will not talk in Windows because Wondows polls the RS232 Ports and in doing so disconnects the PLC software.

You must boot to F8 "Command prompt only" if windows is running on your machine. It does not like Win XP at all and barely tolerates Win98.

You should buy an inexpensive laptop and load it with DOS 6.22 and GPC5 and use that computer to talk to your D50.

You may contact me off list anytime I use D50s all the time.