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Dan Pierson

Got it and will check it in today.

Personally, I wouldn't use the web CVS interface for anything but browsing. I just put it up to give people an easy window into what's going on without bothering to set up a client on their machine.

I generally just use command line CVS from Linux, my home Mandrake system has a KDE gui that looked OK the one time I brought it up (cervasia?).
Another Linux gui is LinCVS ( On Windows I use WinCvs (

CVS docs can be found at

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> From: Curt Wuollet [mailto:[email protected]]
> Hi Jiri
> I must admit my ignorance, I haven't done group development for at least 10 years and my initial attempt at playing with the archive didn't jog my
memory in the slightest. I found the html interface particularly confusing and cvs never was very friendly to me. I will educate myself
again, but in the meantime, I better send it to Dan so I don't hose anything up. I have write permission but thought better of writing anything. Perhaps Dan can point to the documentation for the web interface he's using.
I'll mail the driver off-list to save bandwidth. Thanks for updating the maintainer list.<

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