D5, PM1 & PM4 Gas Control Valves


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Hi All,

Does anyone here stock up any spares of GCVs at site? We're using 9FA machine and there are 3 GCVs installed at site, all the 3 are different from each other with different serial numbers. Also would like to check from others the common failure of the GCVs and kindly share your experience with me. My site plans to purchase a complete set of the valve and actuator but due to the high price involved, we're thinking twice of the purchase.

Thanks and would like to hear from you guys soon.

It doesn't seem that any 9FA user here has any information that may be of assistance to you. This is primarily a controls forum, and while gas valves are part of the control system, they are positioned by the electrohydraulic servos connected to the control system and provide feedback to the control system with the LVDTs that are attached to them.

Most of the issues people are interested in are related to the servos and the LVDTs, not the mechanical valves themselves.


I can tell that for our site we have replacements for all gas valves for our GE Frame machine. By being a member of a users group there are times that another user may have a part that you can borrow,or purchase.

We are fortunate to have funds to purchase parts needed as spares. The issue of cost is difficult to quantify. More and more the lead time on a replacement part makes it very expensive if a part fails and the unit is down while waiting.

In this case gas valves do not seem a high failure item, but if the lead time is long you may lose days or months of generation while waiting. It is smart choices and luck that guarantee you have what you need when you need it!