DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) Converters


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Lee Walker

Hi guys,

I am not really too sure if this is the right place to post, but I have scoured the net and forums for lighting controls seem to be far a few between! So in the words of Princess Leia (well to paraphrase at the very least) "Help me Control.com, you're my only hope!"

I am a lighting designer/engineer and have recently been involved in the £200K+ lighting system of a very famous UK couple. However this system is not now meeting the demanding client's purpose. I have around 200 individual DALI dimmable T5 battens and now I would like to "combine" these into less (pref 4 in total) addresses via a convertor. Now I know there are DALI-DSI convertors from Helvar that allow multiple DSI ballasts to be grouped via them to make 1 DALI address, and then they all dim up and down together, and also know of a similar 1-10V version. My problem is I need a device that takes (up to) 64 DALI addresses and puts them through a DALI device that groups them together for central dimming and results in 1 address.

Does ANYBODY know of a product that will do this, Google for once has failed me!

Many thans for any ideas you can shove my way!