Danfoss VFD RS485 communications


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Thomas Shaw

I am trying to communicate with a Danfoss VCD 300 VFD through RS485. I am developing the software in C# but I am running into difficulties. Has any one successfully communicated with multiple Danfoss VFDs using the Danfoss FC protocol?
I have Danfoss fc302, and I also trying to communicate via RS232 - 485 using VB6 (MSCOMM).

It does not look difficult. My problem is communicate via USB because I do not know how to acess or what control to use.

Thanks for any example.
there are no readily avaiable controls for Communication via USB.

You need to get the handle to USB hub using Create File and then get the details of the devices attached to the hub.

next match/query with the device id to which you want to communicate using USB. you require to configure USB Device using DeviceIOControl function from kernel32.dll

you require to frame your pipe for data transfer etc.... lots of work to be done for USB communication