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Hello Everyone,

I'm very new to VB and I'm doing a school project very similar to the "Dance Dance Revolution" game with a dance pad along with a USB-1024LS data acquisition board (DAQ) and then programing the actually game/GUI using Visual Basic (Just a quick background on the dance if people don't know about it, the user has to step on a dance square whenever the an arrow is displayed on a GUI. At the end the game will show the user's score... higher the score the more correct dance steps were taken.) I actually tested my board and I received the voltages from my homemade dance pad I made.

The problem I'm having is that I first tried using MSComm component on VB6.0 but then researched that it will not work with a USB connection. Now I'm on Visual Studio 2005 and trying to use the serial port component. I tried to find some sample codes online to help get me started on just displaying a voltage value on my GUI but I've had NO luck! If anybody can email me a source code or any information to help me get started, I would really appreciate it!


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