Dark Future of Industrial Automation in USA


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I am really concerned about future of Industrial Automation in USA...

Nowdays i see most of the products in the US market are "Made in China" so i came to the conclusion that manufacturing Industry is dieing a slow death in USA. By 2010 i think only Utility industries such as Power,Water,oil and gas will be left in United States which means dark future for Industrial Automation in USA. Also i would like to know your views about the very few job opportunities that are left in this field. Do you think your job is safe or are you considering a career change and try some different field ?

God Bless and Save America !!
Just some points to make:

1) I believe your grim outlook for the manufacturing sector, has tainted your
prospective on things (i.e. life, work prospects, etc)

2) in an economy driven by profits, its no real surprise that products are "Made in China" since the bottom line is the bottom line

3) short-sighted thinking and only focusing on the all mighty dollar has driven the markets the way they are - you created this mess, now live with it

4) there are plenty of job opportunities out there, its complicacy and resistance to change that keeps you chained where you are today

5) in your career, the only constant is change. If you don't "keep up to date" or "change with the times", you'll fall by the way side like the

6) gone are the day, where a "newbie" can start and finish their career with the same company. That paradigm died a long time ago.
I suspect there will always be low volume custom engineering work that is best done locally.

But I fear that the cost of labor and the availability of offshore talent and ease of collaboration brought on by the internet will drive all the volume work offshore.

Which probably means limited domestic R&D budgets.

I am currently "between jobs" and the lack of opportunities coupled with massive layoffs has caused a particular problem for me, as I never completed my college degree. So despite over 20 years in automation, the job search engines don't have a checkbox that says: Bachelor's Degree or equivalent.

The "or equivalent" is no longer there, and you *know* my resume is quickly filtered out manually or automatically because of the ommision.

Suffice to say I'm looking for the shortest, least expensive path to degree completion (which doesn't involve buying a degree from Spam University, printed on the finest quality papers..)


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