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Need recommendations for data acquisition software for monitoring of flows temps etc for small plant. I will be using 4-20ma for flow and temperature etc, and i need some software to collect, store and present in a pleasing format

thanks for any replies

Fred Loveless

What is the device that the sofrware will be talking to. It makes it much easier to recommend software if we know that.
VTS by Trihedral Engineering

Reasonable price; excellent support; easy to develop screens; easy trending and data archival features; lots of native device communication support for many RTUs, DCSs, PLCs, etc., as well as MODBUS.

Widely used around the world for many water- and waster-water treatment plants, SCADA applications, and power generation applications, as well as ship-board controls. Very scalable.

And, no; I don't work for them but have used their product and like their feature-set and support. AND their pricing.
You'll need some hardware I/O to handle the electronic signals from the flowmeters in addition to data acquisition software.

You might consider a paperless recorder, because those have the I/O built in, are designed for continuous operation, nowadays have internal flash memory in which to hold the data until it gets transferred to a PC, and have some form of data analysis software.

Should your analysis indicate that alarming is needed, recorders can easily be so equipped.

Any recorder needs to be 'configured' for its intended use (type and range of input, data acquisition [chart speed] rate) but that typically consists of choices from a menu, which is a big difference from 'programming'.

Recorders have come a long way since the paper days.


Atindra Chandel

It is important to understand the kind of data acquisition device you will be using to interface the sensors. You can check out MIMTIS at there is support for number of DAQ and RTU.