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Amr Elaguizy

I have two applications with an existing Siemens PLC S5-115U:
The first system includes module slot for an ARCNET system. The module has the following information " Bernet s5-Arc net 0038H 0001 EZ48 ", the system is designed by BTD (Bavaria Technology in Gmh?) which is a company in Germany. We would like to add a computer to the network but we are not able to find the software needed for the network could you help us answer the following answers:
a. How could we add a computer to the network, do we only need to purchase a Network card (NIC) for Arcnet protocol , and the system will automatically
recognize the new computer and assign it a node address? If yes how could we capture the data?
b. Also if we build a visual basic or c++ program is there a function to capture the data from the network port?

The second system consist of the three PLC all S5-115U, we would like to connect all three and communicate to a PC through some communication media such as a DDE .

For both systems we are only interested in capturing data from the PLC such as Data Blocks or simple status of bits, rather than exchanging data between the PLC and the PC.

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Amr Elaguizy
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