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Colin Bravington

Hi Everyone,
Can anyone advise on the best available data analysis equipment for general use. Essential features required are time stamping ideally to better than 1 millisecond.

Any guidance and experiences with equipment, good or bad, would be appreciated.

Best Wishes for the Christmas and the Millenium Year to everyone on the Automation List .

Regards Colin

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Your request is too vague for any possible suggestion.
1. what kind of data ?
2. what volume ?
3. what type of analysis.
All that resumes in the number of arithmetic operations to be executed by the 'Analyzer'
(Computer + software). Many numerical mathematical tools are very greedy in time by nature and if the software is not optimized accordingly, well, it smokes !

I spend lots of hours playing maths and graphs.
I may have suggestions besides my Process Control and Instrumentation expertise
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