Data collection for small water chlorination

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I'm a mechanical engineer who works in an NGO with small water and sanitation projects. We are developing a solution to water chlorination that uses a dosing pump to inject a chloride solution directly in a water pipe line. The villages we work with are quite far, so we need a system that measures the chloride, ph and water flow, stores and sends the information via GSM, for example. Due to the caractheristics of projects, we can´t afford expensive solutions. Would you recomend a data logger that could get the info we need, with a fair price?

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In the infantry training handbooks circa WWII and the 1950's, water purification in emergencies, away from all resources, suggested collecting the water, and letting it stand for a 4 hours in the sun, to let the solids settle out and the bacteria to digest all available content, then decant into another container to take separate from the settlement, and take a trial sip. Wait several hours to see if their is a reaction, before drinking.

If you have chlorox liquid, a table spoon in a gallon(4L) of water, mixing followed by several hour wait, before test sip.

Short of that, you pretest the various solutions and times in your lab, before issuing guidelines. You usually cannot have testing in the field.