Data Logging on AB Micrologix1500 LRP Processor


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Eric E.

I need to upload logged data from Micrologix1500 LRP processor. I have downloaded the DLCA1764.exe file from the AB website, but when i execute the file i get "could not extablish connection" error. The .exe file does not have a HELP menu.

I am using USB-to-serial adapter to interface my Laptop PC to the 1761-cbl-pm02 programming cable, but this should work because i was able to go online with the PLC. Any ideas??

i have already used a USB-to-serial adapter to interface a laptop to a micrologix 1500 lrp whit similar results: It works right, sometimes whit the rslogix, but sometimes whitout any reason its impossible to get on line. The reason could another apllication who is using the same COM! for example the RSlinx, HyperTerminal, etc.

Several weeks ago a send my usb-to-serial adapter do scrap and buy a pcmcia serial adapter..

good luck